Gynecomastia- basic things you need to know

With changing time, human’s health also affected by various health issues. In this modern world, the human’s body has now become a warehouse of different unknown diseases. For some example, human body attracts more fats which increases body’s fat level and also enlarge some body parts. There is term named gynecomastia. Now you may be thinking that what gynecomastia is.

It is important to know about this detail as it is connected with something which can make you feel embarrassed in front of others. When you hear the word gynecomastia, the first thing that will come to the mind is that it is related with men breasts or man boobs. Gynecomastia caused enlargement of men breast tissue. Nowadays it is most common in men.


Know about the types of Gynecomastia to prevent this properly

If you think that this is very easy to understand, then you are wrong. You can typically face two types of gynecomastia. These are pubertal gynecomastia, pseudo-gynecomastia. Pubertal gynecomastia happened when the teenagers faced puberty, and the main reason behind this is the imbalance in hormones.

During this period most teenage boys meet gynecomastia and with it fades away as their hormones go back to reasonable level. But you must keep this in mind that it can take time may be a few months to some years to go back to normal. Sometime you need do surgery to remove it. Another type is Pseudo gynecomastia.

It is different than normal gynecomastia. It is shown that your body has excess fat on the chest. It varies person to person. Some carry fewer fats while some carry more fats. The best thing about this type of gynecomastia is it doesn’t require costly surgery, and by doing some exercise you can control this.

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Puffy nipples can be an indication of gynecomastia

The last type of gynecomastia is puffy nipples. It happens when there is a minimal amount of tissue which accumulates under the nipples and areola area, darker area around the nipple. If it happens, then you can see a slight dome-like appearance of the nipple. You can’t easily detect this type of gynecomastia, and it will not be any public discomfort. You will not need ay surgery to get rid of this. If you look carefully, then only you can find this, and it is unnoticeable behind a cloth.


Stop this yourself without visiting any hospital

It is something that can be cured or can be prevented if you follow some simple steps throughout your life. As it mainly happens due to hormonal imbalance, you just only need to maintain your body’s hormonal balance. By this, you can completely prevent this throughout your entire life. Do more work out and sleep more so that your body can produce more testosterone which prevents gynecomastia in your body.

If you work out daily, you can prevent your body to create fats, and it can prevent Pseudo gynecomastia. Nowadays this can be cured with some natural process without taking any medicine and surgery. If you ignore this in future, you may have to pay more for costly breast surgery.